Saturday, October 18, 2014

Some selected photos of the second week during the LMAH 30-Day Mission

DAY 8 Sample Collection and EVA Preparations Video

A great video specially made by the crew on Day 8, showing preparations and an EVA with two NDX-2AT suits. Comments and video by Jonathan Schiralli and Tyler Hill.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 5 (Sunday)

Today we present some photos taken by the crew about the daily activities during the past two days.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 3. From the Crew

We’ve had an exciting and eventful first few days!

Our first few EVAs were successful. We inspected our habitat, rover, and space suits and we found no issues, though it later turned out that our external water supply was leaking. It took the Martian plumbers just a few hours to repair the leak and to refill our tank. We were grateful for their help.

On our second EVA we located a supply lander from Earth that contained our solar panels. Tim and Tyler returned the solar panels to base and managed to assemble them without much difficulty. We also were able to test our remote control mini-rover called MACHO (MArs Compliment to Humans rOver) and we collected some excellent photos of us “Mars-stronauts” interacting with the local landscape.

Back inside the HAB we have been collecting our psychological and sleep data and have collected our first microbial samples for the JPL study. We have also been caring for our lettuce and radish plants which have begun to sprout.


Martian flies have invaded our habitat but we believe that the population is under control and that they pose no danger to the crew.

For dinner this week we’ve had pulled pork wraps and chicken wings with rice. In our down time we’ve watched a few movies and enjoyed many laughs. Looking forward to the weekend.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014



Today, October 7th, 2014 the Human Spaceflight Laboratory started its second analog mission in the Lunar/Mars Analog Habitat (LMAH). This time it will be a 30 day full mission with three crewmembers.
The crewmembers are:

Tyler Hill, Mission Engineer.

Tim Buli, Science Specialist.
and Jonathan Schiralli, Mission Specialist.

The mission is scheduled to end November 6th, and includes, among others, experiments from the Kennedy Space Center, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory,  Germany's DLR, and several experiments from the University of North Dakota.

30-Day Mission Patch

30-Day Analog Mission Starts Today!

After almost one year of inactivity in the blog, from today on we will be posting about our new 30-day mission starting today, October 7th, 2014.
For this new mission three crewmembers, all Graduate Students from the Department of Space Studies at the University of North Dakota, will complete a month of analog testing in the Lunar/Mars Analog Habitat (LMAH) performing an array of experiments for NASA and other research institutions.
We will try to post several entries per week highlighting the activities of the crew and mission control. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013


The crew left today the habitat at 11AM CST as planned after completing successfully their ten-days mission.

More information will be posted soon!!

Post Mission Press Connference


Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Final Crew Report. Day # 10

Day 10

Greetings from Travis, Tim and Erica!
This is our last blog entry during our 10 day mission here in the Habitat and we are almost sad to see it over and completed. This has been an experience that we will surely never forget and the friendships that have been formed will last a long time. We have all agreed that this feels like the norm at this point and we might actually miss each other when we are at home tomorrow sleeping in our own beds and resuming our lives:). It will be great to have some restaurant food such as Jimmy Johns, Five Guys, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Red Pepper just to name a few we have been craving. Tonight we are watching the movie "Moon" as it is appropriate subject material for lengthy stays on the moon such as this. Today Congressman Kevin Cramer came and waved through our small window and talked for a short while. We relaxed after a big breakfast, cleaned a bit and prepared for our departure scheduled for tomorrow at 11:00am. We concurred that by day 5 we seemed to have adjusted quite well to our surroundings in here and feel that we will have to re-adapt to our old normal everyday lives which will seem much more boring (ironically) than the times spent in here. We were quite busy collecting data for future LMAH missions and have kept detailed notes of our activities for the last 10 days for good reminders in the future of our time spent here. Everyone got a lot of homework done so gpa boosts are likely in order from all the good work completed. Concerning the mission, the great experience and lessons we learned from living in small spaces, driving a electric Moon/Martian rover, and becoming seasoned planetary explorers via the NDX-2AT space suits will undoubtedly benefit us as we continue our lives after the mission in our designated fields of study. Hope all is well on Earth! Sadly that's the last time we can legitimately say that without sounding crazy, that is until we get to space for real!!
Over and out, the crew from the Lunar Mars Analogue Habitat here at the University of North Dakota.