Wednesday, November 06, 2013


The crew left today the habitat at 11AM CST as planned after completing successfully their ten-days mission.

More information will be posted soon!!

Post Mission Press Connference


Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Final Crew Report. Day # 10

Day 10

Greetings from Travis, Tim and Erica!
This is our last blog entry during our 10 day mission here in the Habitat and we are almost sad to see it over and completed. This has been an experience that we will surely never forget and the friendships that have been formed will last a long time. We have all agreed that this feels like the norm at this point and we might actually miss each other when we are at home tomorrow sleeping in our own beds and resuming our lives:). It will be great to have some restaurant food such as Jimmy Johns, Five Guys, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Red Pepper just to name a few we have been craving. Tonight we are watching the movie "Moon" as it is appropriate subject material for lengthy stays on the moon such as this. Today Congressman Kevin Cramer came and waved through our small window and talked for a short while. We relaxed after a big breakfast, cleaned a bit and prepared for our departure scheduled for tomorrow at 11:00am. We concurred that by day 5 we seemed to have adjusted quite well to our surroundings in here and feel that we will have to re-adapt to our old normal everyday lives which will seem much more boring (ironically) than the times spent in here. We were quite busy collecting data for future LMAH missions and have kept detailed notes of our activities for the last 10 days for good reminders in the future of our time spent here. Everyone got a lot of homework done so gpa boosts are likely in order from all the good work completed. Concerning the mission, the great experience and lessons we learned from living in small spaces, driving a electric Moon/Martian rover, and becoming seasoned planetary explorers via the NDX-2AT space suits will undoubtedly benefit us as we continue our lives after the mission in our designated fields of study. Hope all is well on Earth! Sadly that's the last time we can legitimately say that without sounding crazy, that is until we get to space for real!!
Over and out, the crew from the Lunar Mars Analogue Habitat here at the University of North Dakota.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Crew Report. Day # 9

Day 9

Our time in the habitat is almost at an end. This is day 9 and it has been one of our busiest. We had a morning EVA for which Travis took some soil samples then we had an afternoon full of teleconferencing. 

We first spoke with NPR who put together a very nice interview that aired on prairie public radio tonight. Later we were briefly interviewed by WDAZ.
The most exciting was when we got to speak with astronaut Stan Love and Mike (whose last name we can’t seem to remember… sorry Mike) at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. We were super excited to be able to talk to Stan and Mike and they definitely lived up to our expectations although we were slightly disheartened to be reminded of how different our experience is compared with that of a real astronaut (we have it easy with our giant habitat and spacesuit that weighs only 25 lbs). Maybe someday we too will have the opportunity to speak to university students about our experiences in (real) outer space but until then it’s still really awesome to be able to talk about our time here on the (analog) moon.
Erica, Tim and Travis  

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Mission Support Report. Day # 8

Day 8:

Mission Support Entry

While today it was supposed to be a resting day for the crew with no EVAs programmed, due to the high winds we had in Grand Forks during the night and almost all day (reaching gusts of 50 miles per hour) there were some problems in the habitat pressurization system. Because of it, the habitat depressurized partially (believe it or not, the air intake was clogged by leaves….) and while it did not presented a hazard to the crew, it did created an annoying noise of the habitat fabric bouncing against the frame that kept waking up the crew during part of the night.
After Mission Support resolved the problem at around 9:30 AM (simply by cleaning the air intake and repositioning the main blower) the issue was resolved. The crew spent most of the day resting and working in their own projects.
Tomorrow will take place the last EVA of this first 10-day mission.

Goodnight from Earth!

Pablo de León

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Crew Report. Day # 7

Day 7:

One week into the study and we feel great! It will be exciting to see what the next three days bring :) I'm sure there will be plenty of trains, movies, and games to keep us more than entertained.

The EVA was a little different today. The "emergency" (habitat evacuation simulation) procedure enabled the three of us to leave the habitat for a short time (staying inside the rover). Erica jumped in the suit today to assess the situation. 

As it turns out, the local Martians were playing a few belated tricks and disconnected our power on the outside. After reconnecting the power supply, Erica had to ensure that the power had been successfully restored to the habitat by crawling into the airlock tunnel and looking through the airlock door window. 

This was an excellent way for testing the durability and dexterity of the suit. Since campus was quiet today, we went for a joyride in the rover. Travis put the pedal to the metal and managed to set a new record for top speed, 19 mph!!

The Wii finally got some use today as Tim played Mario Kart for a little while.

Word on the street is that we are going to be having quite the welcoming home party on Wednesday. News crews, the University President, and our ground crew (to name a few) will be there to greet us upon our return to civilization. We look forward to see your bright and smiling faces once again!

Goodnight Earth,

Erica, Travis, and Tim

Friday, November 01, 2013

Crew Report. Day # 6

Today was a wonderful day! Why was it so wonderful you ask; because we got our shower fixed!

... well sort of…

Our fearless leader got us a hose so that we can take hot showers using water from the sink! Some zip ties and some duct tape and it’s as good as the real thing! Today’s EVA involved Tim in the space suit completing almost the same obstacle course as Travis did yesterday. A few small steps and giant leaps later we headed back to the habitat and took a short rest before dinner. Pot roast and pepper steak were on the menu tonight with a side of rice and vegetables – ice cream for dessert. All in all we are feeling a bit tired, perhaps from all the daily EVA activities, or perhaps we are just crashing from all that Halloween candy. We haven’t been on TV much the last few nights, we think maybe WDAZ has forgotten about us (haha), but we do have some exciting interviews lined up for Monday afternoon, one with NPR and one with NASA Johnson Space Center! We’ll be practicing our effective speaking all weekend.

4 more days to go.

Crew Report. Day # 5 Part Deux

Some photos of Halloween Night at the Habitat!


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Crew Report. Day # 5

Day 5

    The LMAH crew has successfully completed 50% of the mission here at UND and the experience has been getting better everyday. Our systems are functioning properly and no new problems have arisen at this point. Today Erica and Travis went on EVA while Tim was at the base keeping communication with everyone. On the EVA Travis completed a rather challenging, timed obstacle course involving giant steps (for mankind), cauldron carrying (in the spirit of Halloween), and numerous other physical activities testing thermal temperatures and dexterity of the suit. It marked the first time that the suit has had such high physical activity workloads and was a great data collection method for the ground crew/mission control.

    After the obstacle course, Erica drove the rover again and managed to get it up to 18 mph! We felt like we were in warp drive and had numerous people taking pictures as we cruised on by! After some Halloween decorating, for supper we had three cheese tortellini with marinara and Hawaiian bread rolls. The food was excellent as usual and we are definitely eating & drinking well in here. We've determined our diet as preparations for the cold winter ahead here in Grand Forks. Tonight we will watch a newer version of Star Trek and did a bit of trick or treating in the habitat after supper ;).   There are definitely more treats than tricks in here and we will enjoy our Halloween cake for dessert thanks to the ground crew! 

Have a Happy Halloween from the LMAH crew!

Erica, Tim and Travis