Saturday, April 27, 2019

Mission 7 Crew Juggles EVA, Plant Care and Cognitive Space Research

Mission Specialist Peter Henson (left) and Commander Stefan Tomovic (right) cultivating plants for upcoming harvest

Mission VII Update - 04.27.19
Stefan Tomović

The three-member Mission-VII crew completed their first Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA-1) on Friday (04/26/19). Saturday (04/27/19) was a science-packed day for the crew members.  The team conducted research with an electroencephalogram (EEG) study, practiced emergency responses with simulation software and took care of the plants in the habitat’s Plant Production Module (PPM).
The habitat residents conducted EVA1 with Commander Stefan Tomović and Mission Specialist Peter Henson going out on EVA, and Mission Specialist Jared Peick serving as CAPCOM for EVA1. EVA1 lasted an hour and ten minutes with the objectives of inspecting the habitat, collecting water from a resupply drop, and gathering geological samples. The team met all their objectives for the EVA and returned to the habitat at 1510 CDT. The water will be processed, and the geological samples will be analyzed within the coming days.
ILMAH operators Stefan Tomovic, Peter Henson and Jared Peick set up the EEG instruments this morning for more cognitive studies. Researchers are exploring what happens to an astronaut’s behavioral health during long-term space missions. A research team for NTL Group is developing a wearable system that monitors an astronaut’s brain performance under different conditions during different tasks and using ILMAH as a research platform.
Mission Specialist Peter Henson also split the day by tending to the plants and monitoring pH and nutrient levels of the PPM’s hydroponics system. The study on the plants is investigating different growth strategies for edible plants intended for future long-duration space flight missions.
Commander Stefan Tomović focused much of his attention on EVA preparation in the EVA module of the habitat. Mission Specialist Jared Peick spent the day maintaining MACHO Jr, a small rover that will be utilized on EVA’s.


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