Tuesday, May 02, 2006


The second field test today (May 2) was rescheduled since there was heavy rain on the North Dakota Badlands.

We decided instead to work out some minor issues with the biomedical sensor package at the Dickinson State University (DSU) campus and perform some mobility tests that can be done inside.

We resolved the issues with the wireless biomedical sensors and we also did some tests for the amusement of the DSU students taking their finals.

Tomorrow if the weather permits we will return to the test site to resume field tests. All the team involved is doing an amazing job.

We received today some requests about high resolution photos. Clicking on the pictures will give a higher resolution - however, for even larger versions, please send me an e-mail to deleon@space.edu and I will send them as soon as I have a high speed connection.

Pablo de Leon


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