Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Mission 4 Second EVA

The second planned EVA for Mission 4 took place on 10/16 and was operated by Prabhu and Joseph, while Stefan stayed in the Habitat as CAPCOM.

The EVA was conducted at 1:00 PM and was concluded at 2:45 PM. At 1:00PM CAPCOM assisted the two crew members performing the EVA into their rear entry NDX-2AT suits connected to UND’s Pressurized Electric Rover (PER) which was docked to the ILMAH. After the crewmembers were sealed and pressurized inside the suits, the crewmembers detached themselves from the PER and began the active portion of the EVA. Joseph was then handed a pen and notepad containing the GPS coordinates to the samples. Prabhu was then given a handheld GPS unit to direct the EVA crewmembers towards the samples. After collecting the samples, the EVA team returned to the PER and placed and secured the samples inside the sample return box on the rover.
The EVA team then began the second portion of the EVA which started with inspecting the inflatable habitat for any visible outside damage. Prabhu and Joseph replaced some of the frayed rope that secures the tarp surrounding the ILMAH to protect it from the elements. This portion lasted for 35 mins. of the EVA. After the EVA team and CAPCOM were satisfied with the inspection and repair of the tarp, Prabhu and Joseph returned to the PER and began to dock their NDX-2AT suits to the rover. After successfully docking, the EVA team exited the suits through the rear and began post EVA cleanup and concluded the second EVA of mission IV in the ILMAH.

For this EVA, mission control attached a suit camera to each of the suits so CAPCOM can also have visuals of the EVA crew completing their tasks. This allows another pair of eyes to have input on the tasks to be completed.


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