Thursday, May 04, 2006


Day 4, Morning.

Today, Thursday May 4th we continued testing in the North Dakota badlands. The weather has not improved much as it was still very cool in the morning for this time of year (24 F) - at least there was less wind than yesterday!

Mike Zietz from NDSU came today from Fargo to supervise the biomedical sensor package and repair some minor problems we experienced yesterday in the helmet’s sensors.

Today we continued mobility tests and we studied further the working capabilities of the suit in a uneven terrain. Fabio performed some acrobatics during the test (this was not planned actually. See picture where he is on a cliff).

We also enjoyed the visit Chuck, our UND photographer, who took some pictures that will be published in a university magazine. The Dickinson State University team – under the supervision of Corinne Krauss – was helpful and supportive as always: they came up with new tests for the space suit i.e. connection and disconnection of hoses and cables plus several others.

Today, we also had a visit from two students from Turtle Mountain Community College, Alex Frederick and Brady Azure. Both worked on the wireless voice communication package for the suit and helped us a lot during our morning field test.

Pablo de Leon


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