Tuesday, February 07, 2012

MDRS Crew #112 Field Testing, Day Two

Tuesday, February 8, 2012
MDRS Crew #112 Field Testing, Day Two
Report by Annie Wargetz

Today, various MDRS crew members were trained on their geological core drill. Once the core drill training was complete, a baseline bio-medical test was done on one of those trained. The test subject (Chris Haberle) then donned the NDX-1 and completed the same drilling test as before. While in the suit, the geologist was even able to pry the core sample out of the drill shaft, as it was stuck. The geologist was able to label and package the core sample that was collected.
Once the drilling task was accomplished, the geologist walked around the drilling site in order to get better acquainted with being inside the suit. This was the tallest subject to don the suit this week so far and the suit fit correctly. The geologist found it easy to maneuver while in
the suit.


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