Sunday, October 27, 2013

Crew Post. Day #1

Starting today, we will publish an informal daily report of activities written by the crew.


Erica Dolinar says: “At approximately 10:15 this morning, we entered the habitat, saying goodbye to our Ground Crew as they snapped a few last minute photos before embarking on this 10 day mission. For the first hour or so we set up our living spaces and made sure the communication system was working properly. Hungry for lunch, we then each made ourselves a frozen pizza in the toaster oven. The smoke alarm did go off, only briefly, however there was no buildup of smoke. After lunch I took short a nap, to test the bed of course! 
Upon waking from my nap I wanted to get a head start on some Cloud Physics homework. I was a bit chilly after waking up, but nothing a little hot chocolate couldn't fix :) Not getting too far on homework, I then began writing more of my paper. This will be a major project of mine while in the habitat. I have been given a deadline to complete the first draft of this publication and I need to keep to it. My hope is to finish by the time the mission is over, which is actually a few days prior to the deadline. During this time we found the opportunity to learn more about each other.
Around 6 o'clock we began dinner preparations; sausage tortellini with marinara sauce and mozzarella sticks as an appetizer. Upon finishing our meal we cleaned up and prepared for evening rest time. Tonight, The Walking Dead is on the agenda.

So far this has been an enjoyable experience. I look forward to getting to know the rest of the crew better and carrying out the first mission tomorrow.”

Tim Buli says “Today’s activities mainly included getting settled in and troubleshooting our personal electronic devices. We’ve started to get comfortable with the little tricks and “personalities” of the equipment, as would be necessary in any new living arrangement. Also we’ve started to develop minor routines for simple acts such as washing dishes although the last person has the easiest time since the water takes so long to get warm…… So far we are still excited and having a great time but it still seems weird to think that we will not be leaving for 10 days.”


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