Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Habitat Description. Part 1.

 This is a brief description of the Core Module interior, provided by the crew, to better explain what is inside. During the next days we will be covering the rest of the habitat.
1.Workstation: This is where we do most of the lab tests such as tests for reaction time and polygraph tests.
2.Frozen food storage
3.Controls for the docking ring: There’s a camera attached to the docking ring which provides a video feed to mission control who then adjusts horizontally or vertically to make a tight seal with the rover.
4.Docking ring door: Airtight door which gives us access to the docking ring.
5.Surveillance system: The surveillance system provides video feeds surrounding the habitat so the crew can keep an eye out for aliens.
6.Radio systems: This is where the crew can communicate with mission control.
7.Comm system: This is the intercom system the crew uses to communicate between the modules.
8.Entertainment system: This is where the crew keeps up to date with the important news from Earth. In this picture, the crewmates, Stefan and Joe can be seen keeping up with the Vikings game.
1.Bathroom: This bathroom has a toilet, sink and a shower complete with hot water!

2.White board: This is where the crew puts down a schedule for the current day as well the next day.
3. Kitchen counter: We use this counter to cook our food on a portable stove or oven.
4.Sleeping quarters: There are four personal areas with a bed and sliding doors where the individual crewmates can have some private time and sleep.
5.Food storage and emergency supplies: The crew stores their food here as well as the harvest from the plant module. The emergency supplies are stored above the fridge.
6.Dining areas: This is where the crew eats and analyze the harvest from the plant module.
7.Heater: The crew use this heater to regulate the temperature in the work area.



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