Sunday, October 27, 2013

Commander Report. Day #1

Hello everyone! It is day 1 of the Lunar Mars Analogue Habitat experience.
Erica, Tim and I are settled into our new environment that will be our home for the next 10 days as we complete this mission. Everyone seems excited about our stay in the hab and we are really looking forward to extravehicular activity in the rover and suits that will take place tomorrow. Today our activities consisted of putting our belongings in order, ensuring all forms of communication are functional (UHF radio, CB radio, email, skype and cellular) and cooking/eating our meals while jamming some iTunes and spotify. We all had pizza for lunch and hot chocolate after some relaxation time. Homework took up most of the latter half of the afternoon followed by supper, more homework and of course the new episode of the Walking Dead. We had fresh pasta, marinara and mozzarella sticks and have since realized we will be eating very well on this mission:). We had a great first day in Hab and are adjusting to our new surroundings while getting to know each other better. Tomorrow marks the first day of extra vehicular activities via the rover and suits and will be an exciting experience for all of us. I'd like to thank everyone who made this experience possible, including previous and current students, Prof. de León, and the Space Studies department for all efforts involved in this project. It is our goal to provide as much data collection as possible in order to serve future missions similar to this one. Hope all is well on the outside! Check back soon for more updates and crew status during the LMAH simulation.

Mission Commander
Travis M. Nelson


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