Thursday, October 19, 2017

Habitat Description. Part 2.

 Today we continue with the Modules' description. Today, the Extravehicular (EVA) Module.

EVA Module East

This is the east side of the EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) module. The EVA module is where the crew can enter the space suits and go on a space-walk. For this mission, the crew members also do their workouts in this area. In the future a big table in the middle might be installed to provide an area to work on the space suits.

1.Soldering and electronics station: Since two of the crew members are electrical engineers, we created a soldering station to work on our individual circuits.

2.Comm station: Intercom system to talk with the crew members in the other modules.

3.Heater: We usually turn this on in the night so the EVA module isn’t freezing when we go in to work out in the morning.
4.Toolstation: Where we keep all our beautiful tools.

EVA Module West

1.Space suit equipment station: This is where we keep all the equipment necessary for the upcoming EVA. The suit and radio batteries get charged and tested here.

2. EVA airlock door: The EVA airlock door allows the crew to enter the airlock and inspect the suits. The reason behind the airlock is that it helps with dust mitigation. Lunar regolith was a considerable problem during the Apollo missions and Martian dust will pose a bigger threat since it contains perchlorates which is harmful to human anatomy. The EVA module was built with rear entry suit ports and airlock to mitigate such dust contaminations.

3.Rear entry suit ports: The crew member enters the suit through this opening. The crew member will pull themselves up with the help of the bar above and then gently lower themselves into the space suit. A second crewmember would then zip them up and seal the suits.


EVA Airlock

Here we can see the airlock with the space suits connected. Once the crew member enters the suit and is all sealed up, they reach up with their right hand and pull down the lever to release themselves from the suit port.



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