Saturday, May 06, 2006


Day 6

Today was the final day for the testing of our experimental space suit, it was an amazing day where we were able to accomplish most of the desired objectives. Also, since it was public day many people came to see the tests.

National press was also present with a reporter and photographer from Associated Press that already published the story and we already have more than 120 newspapers and TV stations around the nation covering the story). We also had representatives from NBC, ABC and local stations.

The director of the North Dakota Space Grant Consortium Dr. Shan de Silva, and Suezette Rene Bieri, assistant director came to see the final tests, as well as some other colleagues from the NDSGC and participating colleges and universities.

It was a big event, and this time the weather cooperated very well for the public with a beautifully sunny day, but not that well for our test subject, who had to endure a warm space suit during most of the test.

The suit, designed for colder climate, and without a proper life support system was too warm after the first half hour under the sun. However, Fabio took it as always, with a smile and endured it stoically.

Today, Fabio did some of the tests he performed past days, plus some new, as driving a small radio-controlled car, and a very important one, driving an all terrain vehicle all by himself, which he did perfectly and will full control of the vehicle.

Since he was using a umbilical cable it was difficult for us to keep him under control, and give him the proper length of cable to keep feeding the space suit, but finally with the help of Mark and Jennie we were able to complete the task.

After the test many press interviews followed, as well as questions from the public who came to see the tests.

In the afternoon and after public and press left the site Dr. Corinne Krauss and her students from Dickinson State University prepared the final test for the suit.

The faculty and students designed a dust chamber where the suit (unmanned, this time) was going to be “bombarded” with dust in several sizes and compositions.

They did a great job, and the suit took it pretty well (see pictures).

They are going to study the results of this test and we will continue working with them since dust containment is one of the most difficult problems for planetary space suits.

It has been such an amazing week. Everybody involved worked so hard and did everything so well that I am in debt will all of them.

Thanks to all the E-mails received. I am really sorry I had no time to answer each one personally, but I will do as soon as I return to my office in a couple of days.

Pablo de Leon.


Blogger JackKennedy said...

and Space Studies graduate student
colleague Fabio Sau. EXCELLENT. I have limked you to my Spaceports BLOG as well.

Dr. Shan de Silva, director of the NASA North Dakota Space Grant Consortium, must also be proud of the successful work.

Pablo, Rick Tumlinson has spoke to me often about your work. I hope to have the opportunity to meet and chat with you in Las Cruces, New Mexico in late October for the Rocket Racing League debut.

CONTINUED SUCCESS to all involved!

8:33 PM  
Blogger Lorena said...

Soy Lorena de Argentina.
Queria desearte la mejor de las suertes y feliciarte por este proyenco, realmente es un Orgullo saber que un intelectual de la Agentina es exitoso y me da muchas ganas de seguir estudiando para cumplir mis sueños, por que viendo todos tus logros vi que se puede soñar y con muchisimo trabajo cumplir esos sueños.
Ya que no pudistes ponerle la banderita argentina, seria bueno ponerle un nombre que deje nuestra huella por que esto aunque sea financiado por capitales extranjeros, creo que todos los Argentinos lo sentimos una creacion Argentina.
Todas las mejores ondas y felicitaciones.


10:41 PM  
Blogger Nancy Atkinson said...

Congratulations on all the work you've done and the successful tests you've conducted! As a native North Dakotan, I'm proud and excited by what your team has accomplished!

Best wishes for continued success!

Nancy Atkinson
NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador
Rochester, IL

5:05 PM  
Blogger Diego Córdova said...

Congratulaciones ! a Pablo de Leon y todo su equipo. Es un arduo y gran trabajo el que hicieron y estoy seguro que obtendrán el reconocimiento de la NASA a la hora de evaluar nuevas tecnologías con miras a viajar a Marte en el corto plazo.

3:23 AM  

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