Monday, October 28, 2013

Crew Report. Day # 2

Day 2:

Overall we all had a pretty decent nights sleep in our new beds. However, we woke up this morning with the realization that our pipes had froze overnight. Little did we know, but this issue would take a good portion of the morning and early afternoon to fix. Since our ground crew is awesome (shout out to Tiffany, Tyler, Josh, Zach, Lindsay, and Pablo!), we were able to get in a short EVA today. Travis and Erica were chosen at random to perform the EVA while Tim stayed behind to take care of things in the habitat. The EVA was relatively short, only about a half hour or so. 

Erica drove the rover to Ryan Hall and did a couple donuts in the lawn - just kidding! Travis drove back to the habitat and successfully backed the rover to the airlock tunnel without a hitch. It was a lot of fun to see the public's reaction to the rover on the road. We saw some smiles from passing cars, we even offered a few waves to passerby's. This will certainly be an experience never forgotten! 

Earlier in the day we did an interview over Skype with Michael Yoshida from WDAZ, Grand Forks so we made an effort to watch the broadcast on our laptops.

Chicken tacos and chips with salsa are on the menu for tonight for dinner  followed by more homework and any other personal data logging. 

Goodnight Earth!

Erica Dolinar, Travis Nelson, and Tim Buli


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