Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 3. From the Crew

We’ve had an exciting and eventful first few days!

Our first few EVAs were successful. We inspected our habitat, rover, and space suits and we found no issues, though it later turned out that our external water supply was leaking. It took the Martian plumbers just a few hours to repair the leak and to refill our tank. We were grateful for their help.

On our second EVA we located a supply lander from Earth that contained our solar panels. Tim and Tyler returned the solar panels to base and managed to assemble them without much difficulty. We also were able to test our remote control mini-rover called MACHO (MArs Compliment to Humans rOver) and we collected some excellent photos of us “Mars-stronauts” interacting with the local landscape.

Back inside the HAB we have been collecting our psychological and sleep data and have collected our first microbial samples for the JPL study. We have also been caring for our lettuce and radish plants which have begun to sprout.


Martian flies have invaded our habitat but we believe that the population is under control and that they pose no danger to the crew.

For dinner this week we’ve had pulled pork wraps and chicken wings with rice. In our down time we’ve watched a few movies and enjoyed many laughs. Looking forward to the weekend.


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