Monday, November 04, 2013

Crew Report. Day # 9

Day 9

Our time in the habitat is almost at an end. This is day 9 and it has been one of our busiest. We had a morning EVA for which Travis took some soil samples then we had an afternoon full of teleconferencing. 

We first spoke with NPR who put together a very nice interview that aired on prairie public radio tonight. Later we were briefly interviewed by WDAZ.
The most exciting was when we got to speak with astronaut Stan Love and Mike (whose last name we can’t seem to remember… sorry Mike) at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. We were super excited to be able to talk to Stan and Mike and they definitely lived up to our expectations although we were slightly disheartened to be reminded of how different our experience is compared with that of a real astronaut (we have it easy with our giant habitat and spacesuit that weighs only 25 lbs). Maybe someday we too will have the opportunity to speak to university students about our experiences in (real) outer space but until then it’s still really awesome to be able to talk about our time here on the (analog) moon.
Erica, Tim and Travis  


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