Sunday, November 03, 2013

Mission Support Report. Day # 8

Day 8:

Mission Support Entry

While today it was supposed to be a resting day for the crew with no EVAs programmed, due to the high winds we had in Grand Forks during the night and almost all day (reaching gusts of 50 miles per hour) there were some problems in the habitat pressurization system. Because of it, the habitat depressurized partially (believe it or not, the air intake was clogged by leaves….) and while it did not presented a hazard to the crew, it did created an annoying noise of the habitat fabric bouncing against the frame that kept waking up the crew during part of the night.
After Mission Support resolved the problem at around 9:30 AM (simply by cleaning the air intake and repositioning the main blower) the issue was resolved. The crew spent most of the day resting and working in their own projects.
Tomorrow will take place the last EVA of this first 10-day mission.

Goodnight from Earth!

Pablo de León


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