Thursday, October 26, 2017

EVA #5 Friday October 20th by Prabhu Victor

The EVA crew was Prabhu Victor and Stefan Tomovic with Joseph Clift acting as CAPCOM. For this EVA, the main focus was on how well the EVA team can get in and out of the spacesuits by themselves. Prabhu and Stefan had to get in and out of the suits a total of four times! It can be a very exhausting process. For example, Prabhu had burned a total of 960 calories during this EVA just due to the process of getting in and out of the NDX-2AT.
First, the EVA team had to don the NDX-2AT space suits and exit from EVA Module and install solar panels to connect to the hab.

Prabhu and Stefan installing solar panels

Then the EVA team docked the Pressurized Electric Rover (PER) and drove to set GPS waypoints to gather tools and collect samples. Once they go to the GPS waypoints they had to get back into the suits and collect all the samples.

Here Stefan is gather the samples with his specialized tool designed for use with space suits.

The EVA team then attached themselves back to the PER suit ports, exited the suits, and drove back to the habitat to dock and conclude the EVA.



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