Wednesday, March 21, 2007

NDX-1 at the MDRS in Utah

From April 1-7th the UND Space Suit Laboratory will participate in the MDRS (Mars Desert Research Station) Crew 61/Spaceward Bound Crew Five invited by NASA Ames Research Center. The objective of this test will be to evaluate the NDX-1 Space Suit in the Utah desert.
The suit was developed by us under a grant from NASA and the North Dakota Space Grant Consortium and was successfully tested past year in the North Dakota Badlands (see below for the blog of the testing). This time we will make its second test season at the MDRS where more difficult testing will be performed to fully evaluate its capabilities as a planetary space suit. Starting next week I will start writing everyday to report the progresses (or mishaps) of this new testing season for the NDX-1, as well as adding some photos and (if we have enough bandwith at the MDRS) some short videos.
This is going to be an exciting week and I thank in advance to NASA and to the Mars Society for inviting us to this expedition.

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Pablo de Leon.


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