Thursday, October 26, 2017

EVA #6 Monday October 23rd by Prabhu Victor

This EVA involved a “nuclear” generator (actually, a Diesel one), which was delivered by a robotic spacecraft, and connect it to the habitat. The crew first had to secure the perimeter of the nuclear generator, connect the cables, turn on the generator and confirm with CAPCOM and mission control that the generator is powering the hab. The EVA team also practiced emergency procedure such as suit decompression and loss of visibility.

The EVA team this time was Stefan Tomovic inside Tangerine and Joseph Clift inside Blueberry. Prabhu Victor acted as CAPCOM.

The EVA team had driven spikes into the ground and wrapped caution tape around the perimeter. They then focused on the generator and got it back online!


After confirming that the generator was online, the EVA team went around the habitat to check the status of the tarp as well as the outside layer. However, during the status check, Stefan went through a suit decompression! That means the suit was losing pressure rapidly and in real life that is very dangerous. Joseph had to go through suit decompression procedures and repair the tear with a special suit patch which was provided to them prior to the mission.


Joe is applying the suit patch to Stefan’s suit and saving his life!

After the suit was patched Mission Control confirmed that Stefan’s suit was pressurizing again. This meant that the suit patch was successful. The EVA crew continued with their status check of the hub until Stefan lost visibility in his suit. Joe then had to call out their current position to CAPCOM and lead Stefan back to the Hab and conclude the EVA. Practicing these emergency procedures help us learn how we can make the process more efficient which can end up saving an astronauts life in the future!


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