Monday, May 07, 2018

Meet the Crew, Part 1. Prabhu Victor, Mission V Commander.

My name is Prabhu Victor and I am the mission commander for mission V of the Inflatable Lunar/Mars Analog Habitat (ILMAH). Mission V is a 14-day mission where we are conducting 7 EVA’s and gathering data for 12 different experiments. This is my second mission inside the ILMAH while my first mission was in Oct 2017 where I participated as a mission commander for mission IV of the ILMAH. I’m from Eden Prairie, Minnesota and my background is in Electrical Engineering and I’m currently a grad student at the Space Studies Dept. at UND. I also work at Northrop Grumman in the Grand Sky facility near Grand Forks. For this mission, I’m overseeing the operation of the habitat and the two modules. I helped with the integration of the plant and EVA module to the main module of the ILMAH. I’m curious to see how well the different systems of the habitat operate together and note how the integration could be improved. I’m looking forward to working with the plant module and help make the process for growing plants more automated. The plant module has been updated with drip feeding and hydroponic systems to provide the water and nutrients to the variety of plants currently growing. I’d like to see how this upgrade in automation helps with the process of growing the plants compared to mission IV where the plants had to be manually watered and provided nutrition’s several times a day. I hope you enjoy learning about our experience and EVA’s throughout this mission! If you had any questions or would like to learn more about the mission feel free to email me at prabhu.victor(AT) 


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Prabu My best wishes for the successful completion of the experiment. God bless you and your team. Sr.Nirmala

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