Monday, October 30, 2017

EVA 7 (first Night EVA)

Tuesday Oct 24, EVA 7

EVA 7 was the only night EVA done during mission IV in the ILMAH! The main objective of the EVA was to locate and observe the moon and Saturn using a telescope. The telescope would be controlled remotely through CAPCOM (Stefan) from inside the hab.

The EVA team had to wait until the telescope was calibrated to be able to get good photos of the Moon and Saturn.


However, it was too cloudy in the night to get a good visual of the night sky so we moved on to the next objective. The EVA team then began to evaluate the effectiveness of the visibility of the NDX-2AT suit lights. Prabhu and Joe had to note the farthest distance they could see with the suit lights and relay it back to CAPCOM. They also had to walk to the farthest spot they could see and then check to see if they can still see the habitat from where they were.

After the suit lights visibility test, the EVA team then got to plant the flag for mission IV in the ILMAH. This concluded the last EVA for 14-day mission inside ILMAH!

Joe(Blueberry) and Prabhu (Tangerine) posed for the cameras after they planted the flag for mission IV


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