Monday, October 30, 2017

Looking back

Mission IV of the ILMAH concluded on Wednesday October 25, 2017. Prabhu Victor, Stefan Tomovic and Joseph Clift exited the habitat at 11 AM. They explained the purpose of the mission as well their experience during it to the press who waited outside for their arrival. Here’s some of the highlights.

The crew had an assortment of interesting food during their stay inside the hab.

The crew made their own bread with a bread maker for PBJ sandwiches.


Here they are having a breakfast of eggs and sausages.


Stefan overestimates his egg flipping skills early in the morning.


The crew incorporated many of the plants they grew in the plant module in their meals for fresh greens.

Tortillas with lunch meat, salsa and arugula that was harvested in the plant module.


Salad with Hab grown greens and tuna.


Mission IV also incorporated fully vegan meals prepared by the Herbivorous Butcher company. The viability of vegan foods were examined since in future space travel, food will mostly be plant based. This is because plants can be grown easier in a closed loop environment and less space whereas livestock would require a lot more space.


Here are different vegan meals that was prepared by the Herbivorous Butcher. Top Left: Enchiladas, Top Right: Frittatas, Bottom Left: Potato O’Brien, Bottom Right: Rice and Beans.


Here are also some pictures of the crew keeping themselves busy.

The crew is doing a video chat with a 5th grade classroom and answering their questions about space travel and the mission.

Stefan and Prabhu complete the polygraph test to see how stress affects us as the mission goes on.


The crew take a break from the experiments and watch some Rick and Morty.


Stefan getting some light reading in before turning in for bed.


The crew is taking care of the plants and planting new seeds.


Finally, the crew posing by the Mission IV flag after they exited from the ILMAH after the 14-day mission.



Here are the crew behind the scenes that helped with the mission and worked long nights to make it happen! Starting from the left: Jennifer Russel, Devi Dina, Nanette Valentour, Kayla Daniels, Anamika Pandey, Peter Henson, Rakesh Balaji, Denise Buckner, Taren Wang, Pablo de Leon, Nelio Batista, Reece Lindquist and our Lead Mission Control Travis Nelson. Big thanks from the crew to them for all their hard work and enthusiasm!


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