Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Second Test Day

I apologize for not writing anything yesterday. It was really a full day and we arrived at night to the hotel where we are staying and the Internet connection was so bad I had to give up. I received today several E-mails from people who actually are reading this blog (which is always surprising), so for them my apologies.

What I am going to do is to borrow Alex Diaz (our MDRS EVA specialist) yesterday’s Log Report and include some photos to “cover up” for my lack of comm.
Alex Diaz, an EVA engineer for Boeing is working for the ISS and Space Shuttle programs and is also a UND M.S. in Space Studies distance student, who during past year endured successfully our “Engineering for Human Spaceflight” course.
Here it goes Alex’s report;

Log Book for April 3, 2007
EVA Report

Context: NDX-1 Suit Test
Duration: 12:00-02:00
Weather: Clear and Sunny
Maximum distance from Hab: Area surrounding Hab (~50m)

Participants: EVA Support Task Team-1 (Alex Diaz, Marcus Medley, and Irene Schneider Puente), and NDX-1 Crew (Pablo De Leon, Ana De Leon, and Fabio Sau).

Equipment: NDX-1 Spacesuit and supporting equipment, video camera, digital camera, cordless drill, and EVA connector mockup.

Route: NDX-1 suit subject (Fabio Sau) walked a simple and easy route around the Hab to perform several mobility tests.

Objectives - Work Done: The objective was to assess the mobility of the NDX-1 suit. Major tasks included NDX-1 donning in MDRS, Thermal Garment donning at Airlock, MDRS Airlock opening when pressurized, walking w/ backpack, power drill operations, sample retrieval, cart moving, and EVA connector accessibility. All operations were conducted successfully.

Lessons Learned: EVA Connector - Test subject was able to mate/demate the EVA connector mockup. The clearance around the connector was 1.6 in all around, except on the bottom of the connector, where the clearance was 1.0 in. Note, per NASA Man-System Integration Standards (MSIS) EVA Connector Requirement, clearance between single and staggered rows of connectors shall be at least 1.5 in. The test subject noted there was sufficient clearance around the connector for access by the NDX-1 spacesuit glove.


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