Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Third Test Day

Since we have been having problems with the generator we had to wait until today to have a second generator at the site. We devoted most of the day to prepare a trailer with the generator, compressor, filtering system and umbilical cables in order to conduct mobile tests of the NDX-1(Gracias Marcus!).

Tonight (actually tomorrow at 4 AM) we will start an endurance-walking test with the NDX-1.
Fabio will don the suit around 5AM and we will simulate a rover break down to return to the Hab walking. We selected that time so the temperatures will not be so extreme; ending the 1st EVA of the day around the time the Sun rises.
Today, during a scouting walk to the area we selected, the temperature was extremely high (around 92 F). Too hot for a suited individual, too hot for unsuited ones, like us.

Tomorrow we will also conduct some additional tests, as sample collection and other scheduled EVA activities.
So, tonight an early dinner and sleep to be up and running at 4AM. Wish us luck! It is going to be a long day.

Pablo de Leon


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