Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Crew Report. Day # 4

Day 4:

Not much had been scheduled for today, so for most of the morning and early afternoon we each spent some time doing homework. We had a brief teleconference with Pablo this morning but to our surprise, the entire mission control team was there. It was certainly nice to see everyone together again! Victor Correa from WDAZ Grand Forks was there too recording our communications. We hope to see ourselves on the news again tonight! Perhaps even with Tim's comment about "solid matter" ;)

While it was Erica's turn to jump in the suit today, the entire crew was pretty excited for the EVA, as it was the first one involving some actual manual labor.

Tim drove the rover to our designated EVA location behind Ryan Hall. Today's EVA included setting up a 3x3 ft grid, with 1 ft spacings, and describing what each grid contained.

Upon returning to the habitat we each completed our health surveys, including heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, and recording any symptoms we may be feeling. This is something we do every morning, and before and after EVA.

Yet again we ate very well tonight, for dinner we had BBQ pulled pork sliders with mac and cheese. 

Over and out,

Erica, Tim, and Travis


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