Thursday, October 31, 2013

Crew Report. Day # 5

Day 5

    The LMAH crew has successfully completed 50% of the mission here at UND and the experience has been getting better everyday. Our systems are functioning properly and no new problems have arisen at this point. Today Erica and Travis went on EVA while Tim was at the base keeping communication with everyone. On the EVA Travis completed a rather challenging, timed obstacle course involving giant steps (for mankind), cauldron carrying (in the spirit of Halloween), and numerous other physical activities testing thermal temperatures and dexterity of the suit. It marked the first time that the suit has had such high physical activity workloads and was a great data collection method for the ground crew/mission control.

    After the obstacle course, Erica drove the rover again and managed to get it up to 18 mph! We felt like we were in warp drive and had numerous people taking pictures as we cruised on by! After some Halloween decorating, for supper we had three cheese tortellini with marinara and Hawaiian bread rolls. The food was excellent as usual and we are definitely eating & drinking well in here. We've determined our diet as preparations for the cold winter ahead here in Grand Forks. Tonight we will watch a newer version of Star Trek and did a bit of trick or treating in the habitat after supper ;).   There are definitely more treats than tricks in here and we will enjoy our Halloween cake for dessert thanks to the ground crew! 

Have a Happy Halloween from the LMAH crew!

Erica, Tim and Travis 


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