Friday, November 01, 2013

Crew Report. Day # 6

Today was a wonderful day! Why was it so wonderful you ask; because we got our shower fixed!

... well sort of…

Our fearless leader got us a hose so that we can take hot showers using water from the sink! Some zip ties and some duct tape and it’s as good as the real thing! Today’s EVA involved Tim in the space suit completing almost the same obstacle course as Travis did yesterday. A few small steps and giant leaps later we headed back to the habitat and took a short rest before dinner. Pot roast and pepper steak were on the menu tonight with a side of rice and vegetables – ice cream for dessert. All in all we are feeling a bit tired, perhaps from all the daily EVA activities, or perhaps we are just crashing from all that Halloween candy. We haven’t been on TV much the last few nights, we think maybe WDAZ has forgotten about us (haha), but we do have some exciting interviews lined up for Monday afternoon, one with NPR and one with NASA Johnson Space Center! We’ll be practicing our effective speaking all weekend.

4 more days to go.


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