Saturday, November 02, 2013

Crew Report. Day # 7

Day 7:

One week into the study and we feel great! It will be exciting to see what the next three days bring :) I'm sure there will be plenty of trains, movies, and games to keep us more than entertained.

The EVA was a little different today. The "emergency" (habitat evacuation simulation) procedure enabled the three of us to leave the habitat for a short time (staying inside the rover). Erica jumped in the suit today to assess the situation. 

As it turns out, the local Martians were playing a few belated tricks and disconnected our power on the outside. After reconnecting the power supply, Erica had to ensure that the power had been successfully restored to the habitat by crawling into the airlock tunnel and looking through the airlock door window. 

This was an excellent way for testing the durability and dexterity of the suit. Since campus was quiet today, we went for a joyride in the rover. Travis put the pedal to the metal and managed to set a new record for top speed, 19 mph!!

The Wii finally got some use today as Tim played Mario Kart for a little while.

Word on the street is that we are going to be having quite the welcoming home party on Wednesday. News crews, the University President, and our ground crew (to name a few) will be there to greet us upon our return to civilization. We look forward to see your bright and smiling faces once again!

Goodnight Earth,

Erica, Travis, and Tim


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